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Welcome to The Fox Chase Cancer Center Nomograms website is a project of Fox Chase Cancer Center which seeks to be the preeminent source of implementations of the most current and cutting-edge predictive nomograms and other patient health and evaluative models available for a multitude of disease sites. The site currently contains web-based implementations of nomograms and models for Kidney, Prostate, Bladder, Penile and Testicular cancers.

Cancer nomograms are models that take multiple, disease-specific inputs and use those factors to predict the likelihood of a specific outcome, for example the probability of remaining disease-recurrence free for five years after surgery based on staging and grading information. The models available on this website were developed based on scientific research papers from top medical journals. A criteria for each of these selected nomograms is that they have reported AUC (Area Under the Curve, a measure of accuracy) 0.7 (70%) or higher.